Security Systems

London’s Source for Home & Business Security Systems

At IRS Security Systems, our top priority is the safety and security of you, your loved ones, your employees and your property. We achieve this through the installation of high-quality security systems that are known for their effectiveness. Simply put, with nearly 25 years of industry experience, our team knows which products work and those that don’t.

Security, Access & Alarm Systems in London, Ontario

Our London security experts can help burglar-proof your property and maintain the safety and security of your family or employees. We are proud to offer residential and commercial electronic security products, installations and services, including:

  • Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Network Security Systems
  • Do-it-Yourself Installation and Monitoring
  • ... and much more

Invest in Real Security

When you choose products and services from IRS Security Systems, you are investing in real security, not just the illusion of security. Our systems have been used to protect countless families and businesses against fires, home intrusion and other emergencies. Not only do our products help give you the peace of mind you’ve been after, but can also help increase your property value and reduce your insurance rates.

IRS Security Systems’ services don’t end after we’ve connected all the wires and tested the components; we will always be available to answer your questions and resolve any issue you may have. To schedule a consultation to discuss your home or business’ security needs, call IRS Security Systems today!

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Replacement Batteries

We can source replacement batteries for any type of security system. After three years, most batteries in security systems will fail, leaving your home or business vulnerable during power outages. Not only do we change our clients’ batteries every three years, we also offer battery replacements for those who had their systems installed by another company.