Tips on Improving the Security of Your London Home or Business

In addition to the basic tips found on this page, you can also call IRS Security Systems in London, Ontario for a complete inspection and consultation regarding the security of your home or business. Getting started is easy — simply give us a call, or attend one of our weekly security seminars happening every Wednesday, from 6:00 PM ‘til 9:00 PM. While these seminars are open to the public, we highly recommend reserving your spot in advance since space is limited.


The Cost of “Free” Security Systems

As you may well know, nothing is ever truly free when it comes to a product. This is especially true with companies offering “free” security systems that typically require a three-year contract for security monitoring. We recommend never settling on the first offer for a security package and always get several quotes from competitors. Ask us about self-monitoring — with no monthly fees!


Think like a Burglar

It may seem counterintuitive, but from time to time, you should “case” your home, apartment or business in the same way a burglar might. Look for the easiest points of entry and develop plans to make your home burglar-resistant. Also, check to see if any valuables such as jewellery, electronics, artwork or computers are visible from your home’s exterior.

If you have shrubs and trees near doors or windows, these should be trimmed down in order to reduce coverage for any burglars that may be lurking on your property..


Your Security System: Only as Good as Your Backup Battery

Many burglars will take advantage of brownouts and blackouts because they know most people — namely shop owners and homeowners — do not regularly change the backup battery of their security system. Your system’s battery is vital to its continued operation in instances when the power grid is down. We can help. IRS Security Systems offers battery maintenance, sales, installations and replacements for every type of security and alarm system. Don’t be left in the dark — call or visit us today for additional details!


Facebook Status: Easy Pickings

You may be excited about an upcoming holiday away from home — just don’t announce it to the world! Residences without anyone home are always prime targets for burglars. You never know if your posts on social media sites such as Facebook may fall under the gaze of a potential burglar, so it’s always best to wait until you’re back home to share your family’s holiday photos.